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VON ARDENNE has, for forty years, been undertaking research, development and application of systems for warming up the whole body; and has
become established as the world leader in whole body hyperthermia using water-filtered infrared-A radiation (wIRA). IRATHERM® reproduces the equivalent part of infrared sun radiation, which can be used to warm up the body in an open design of equipment. Mild and moderate whole-body hyperthermia, to which the skin has a high tolerance, can increase the micro-circulation; speed up the metabolism; reduce muscle tone; and activates the immune system in a similar way to natural fever. By stimulating the organism’s self-healing powers, a wide spectrum of treatment indications is available, from prophylactic medicine and environmental medicine to the treatment of chronic diseases and malignant processes.

The founder of the Von Ardenne Research Institute of Applied Medicine (IvA) in Dresden is prof. Manfred von Ardenne, researcher in nuclear physics, electronics and medical physics. After many years of work on various inventions, such as electronic spectral photometer and electron microscope, M. von Ardenne focused his attention on biomedical technology.

In addition to the concept and production of systemic hyperthermia devices, the IvA ran its own clinic for many years, where several innovative therapies for the treatment of chronic and neoplastic diseases were developed and implemented. The most famous were the Cancer Multistep Therapy (sCMT) and the Oxygen Multistep Therapy (O2MT).

prof. Manfred von Ardenne (1907-1997)

Today, IvA is a global supplier of systemic hyperthermia equipment, and its flagship product, IRATHERM®1000 for moderate hyperthermia, is used by nearly 200 medical entities.

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